Lacrosse is a game that is played using a small rubber ball and a Crosse or lacrosse stick. A Crosse is a long-handled racquet which has a head strung with a net fitting which is loose. This net is designed to catch and hold the lacrosse ball. This game is played by most high schools athletes. The following are benefits of playing this sport such as players earn valuable skills. Whereas playing lacrosse does not require you to have any skills, it has several similarities with many other sports.

Players can easily learn some skills from this sport which they can incorporate with other sports such as discipline, confidence, teamwork, perseverance and humility. Overall, these skills provide the motivation to play and behave right with respect.

Physical training – Similar to many other sports, playing lacrosse will require the player to engage in exercises which are good for the general well-being of the body. Exercises help to strengthen the heart muscles, lower blood pressure and improve on the blood flow as well as increasing the hearts working capability.

Increases mental health – Aside from physical training, people who play lacrosse also profit their mental health as well. Taking some time to play has been known to reduce the rates of depression in most people’s lives. Although exercises are not meant to replace any medication, they are known to reduce symptoms and clear the mind too. All these put together can help a person tackle a stressful life.

Social interaction – Playing team sports facilitates social interaction because players are able to plan, work, sweat and play together. While playing the sport, the players spend time exercising as well as strategizing together with other players which creates room for making friends and sharing among players.