Our Mission Statement


Team Rhino understands the power of sports and how it inspires change in the lives of children.  We aim to harness the power of play to make a difference in their communities and lives.  Whether it’s teaching children how to handle winning and losing or how to dribble a ball, everything we do is for a reason. Team Rhino is a structured multi-sports program that is designed to educate children for a life on and off the field.  We always maintain the highest of standards, and we guarantee a fun and positive experience for everyone involved.

Team Rhino also supports the critical role that academics play in the development of our students/athletes, and we also recognize the need to perform in the classroom as well as on the field.  It is never the desire of Team Rhinos to have ANY sport take precedence over what goes on in the classroom at any time. We at Team Rhino are all about playing, learning and most of all just having fun. But we strongly believe that  EDUCATION IS EVERYTHING AND EDUCATION IS THE ONLY THING!