Team Rhino is a multi-sports program where children learn the skills and concepts of a variety of different sports that they would normally never have the opportunity to play. With the Team Rhino multi-sports program children learn the skills of Basketball, Baseball, Flag Football, Bean Bag Toss, Ball Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Track and Cross Country, Ultra Frisbee, Badminton, Bocci Ball, Ladder Ball, Volleyball and numerous amounts of fun filled mini games.

The children will improve and develop a variety of gross motor and athletic skills that are stimulated and developed through physical play. The Team Rhino multi-sports program is all about helping children stay focused and on the right path to success. It is about growth in a safe and caring environment.

The Team Rhino multi-sports program understands that not all children will have the opportunity to get involved in an after school or summer sports program. So for those who have dreamed of hitting a home run, getting a goal, shooting hoops and making new friends. It is all possible through the Team Rhino multi-sports program! We believe that no child should be left on the sidelines and that all children should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of being involved in organized sports.

The Team Rhino multi-sports program’s focus is on making sure that the children are having fun while teaching and promoting to them the importance of leadership skills. The program guarantees professional attitudes and a safe environment were the children’s safety is our paramount.

The Team Rhino multi-sports program is a non-competitive recreational sports program were children are taught the basic fundamentals of the games, learn about teamwork, sportsmanship while having fun during crucial non-school hours. The children learn social and educational values to help them become more academically successful students and eventually productive adults.

Team Rhino wants to collaborate with local schools, government, non-profit and established programs, and businesses from nearby areas to create the greatest impact possible as well as ensuring long-term success.