As previously mentioned the Team Rhino multi-sports program allows children a chance to experience and enjoy a wide variety of different sports that they would normally never have access to and never have the opportunity to play.

Unlike all other sports programs the Team Rhino multi-sports program is not a “one suit parrot” program. Unlike a traditional Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball or Soccer programs where the children play only that one particular sport every time they weekly meet.

The Team Rhino multi-sports program is just what it says in the name. A program that offers a huge and amazing variety of different sports and mini-games as an All-In-One, true multi-sports program every single day!

Not only is the Team Rhino multi-sports program beneficial for children but it offers many benefits for parents/guardians.

  1. The children do not have to be enrolled in multiple different sports programs to experience all the different sports that the Team Rhino multi-sports program offers that are not currently offered. Allowing the children to experience and share their experience with family and friends.
  2. The parents/guardians only pay a single fee for their children to experience the wide variety of sports, verses having to pay multiple fees to multiple camps/programs to play multiple sports.
  3. The Team Rhino multi-sports program runs 5 days a week, all year round, after school and during the summer. Verses traditional sports programs that run only 1 or maybe 2 days a week.
  4. Because of the schedule it is easy for parents/guardians to schedule plans around the Team Rhino multi-sports program ensuring there is no issue of overlapping with other evening or weekend plans.
  5. The Team Rhino program runs during the parents/guardians work hours and not during evening hours which is for more family time together.
  6. Unlike traditional sports programs we help the children with their school/homework.  Helping them achieve great marks and passing grades.
  7. We provide the children with healthy snacks/fruits and drinks each day.
  8. The children are close to their home bases and are supervised during critical after school hours. No long travel times to get to the program.
  9. The parents/guardians know exactly where their children are after school. There is no guessing or wondering what their children are up to.

We also encourage parents/caregivers when time permits to join in by assisting or even participate in the activities. It is a great way to bond, build communities and stay active.

During the summer campaigns Team Rhino would hopefully like to be able to take field trips to the local farms, beaches, hikes and participate in experiences like outside yoga classes, hiking, horseback riding and swimming ect.